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  Lampworked Borosilicate Glass Art Wholesale Information & Catalog  

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Listed below are companies that we highly recommend for their great products and customer service.

Glassworking Supplies & Equipment


Glass Alchemy, Ltd.
Makers of the new standard in colored borosilicate cane, Boromax®


On Site Gas Systems, Inc.
On Site Gas designs & manufactures the world's finest PSA, membrane and combustion based oxygen and nitrogen gas generation systems.


Wale Apparatus Co., Inc.
Scientific and Artistic Glassworking Equipment and Supplies


Aim Manufacturing Company
AIM Manufacturing Co. makes electric and gas fired kilns and furnaces for porcelain, pottery, ceramics; lampworking, glass fusing, slumping, annealing; heat treating, glazing, raku, as well as virtually any type of custom design for specific purposes.